(rental periods from 1 week)
(rental periods from 3 months)
1 bedroom apartement (max. 2 pers)
€ 257,– per week*
€ 802,– per month*
three-bedroom bungalow (max. 4 pers)
€ 380,– per week*
€ 1162,– per month*
four-bedroom bungalow (max. 4 pers)
€ 411,– per week*
€ 1265,– per month*

*A discount of €25 off the price for a week (short stay) and a discount of €103 off the monthly price (long stay) apply for bungalows and apartments which are rented privately (for family use), subject to the occupants cleaning the home during the period of occupation. If you clean the home yourself during the period of occupation, end-of-rental cleaning is not possible. The maximum capacity for private use (family occupancy) for a three-bedroom or four-bedroom bungalow is six persons. The above prices include electricity, gas, water, cleaning during the period of occupation (weekly), cable TV, home insurance, property insurance, waste disposal tax and Dutch VAT (BTW) at 6%. All bungalows and apartments include curtains and carpets, are fully furnished, are tidy and have been swept at the time of delivery to the tenant. The long-stay deposit is one month’s rent. The short-stay deposit is €75. Mandatory additional charges:

End-of-rental cleaning (for businesses)
€ 75,– (one-off)
Administration costs short stay
€ 12,50 (one-off)
Administration costs long stay
€ 27,50 (one-off)

Extra charges for short and long stays:

Pet (maximum of 1 animal, not permitted in the apartments)
€ 1,– (per day)
Bedlinen (per weekly linen change)
€ 6,– (per person)
Cover and pillow
€ 5,– (per set)
End-of-rental cleaning for private individuals
€ 75,– (one-off)
€ 27,25,– (per month)

Extra charges for long stay:

Delivery of the home in (partially) unfurnished state
€ 175,– (one-off)
Connection for a washing machine (four-bedroom bungalow)
€ 50,– (one-off)
Rental charge for a garden/bicycle shed
€ 39,50 (per month)

You can download our (dutch) brochure using this link. (subject to price changes) In case you have any questions, please contact us via phonenumber +31 50 404 66 62 or send us an e-mail.